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Worried! ACES Fitment Suddenly Stop Syncing on Amazon?

Amazon stopped the old AMTU technology and updated its technology and security.
Amazon has technically stopped the old AMTU technology and shifted to a new highly integrated and secured technology. All the data providers need to migrate as per the new guidelines to sync on Amazon. Using the new technology will help you grow your business through increased selling efficiency, reduced labor requirements, and improved response time to customers.

PCFitment customers are happy and nothing stopped them.
Amazon informed PCFitment about the changes in advance. Despite the sudden changes, the members of PCFitment are at ease. As we were well aware of the migration, we have tried to keep the fitment process fast, easy, and accurate.

Why my service provider can’t solve my problem?
* Your provider might not be knowing or didn’t make changes as per Amazon guidelines – If you are a third-party seller on Amazon you need to understand and adhere to the rules.
* Your provider might not be tightly connected with Amazon.
* Your provider won’t be an Amazon data provider – It’s possible that your data provider might not be an Amazon data provider.

How PCFitment can help you?

PCFitment already implemented changes as per Amazon.
If you are struggling with your fitment synchronization we are here to help. You can contact us with the below details:

  1. Your Amazon store URL.
  2. Do you have fitment data in ACES or CSV files? If yes, please share it as a sample, PCFitment will coordinate with you.

You may contact us on or PCFitment team will get back to you within 24 hours or you can use our online chat available on our website.