Sell More With eBay Fitment Compatibility

Customer can order a part which fit into their vehicle by apply fitment search on your eBay listing.

PCFitment Enable eBay Vehicle Compatibility on eBay Motor Listings

Benefits of eBay Fitment Compatibility

Enable vehicle fitment lookup into your listing and get three major benefits

Increase part visibility on user searches

Once you install vehicle fitment lookup on your listing, all your parts will display in the search queries based on the vehicle.

User purchase correct part which fit into vehicle

Users can easily check whether the part will fit into their vehicle, which increases trust and stops incorrect purchases.

Stop return which happened because of wrong fitment

The customer checks the fitment before purchase, stopping returns that happen because of the wrong fitment.

Results! With and without vehicle lookup

Without Vehicle Fitment Lookup On eBay Listing

Without a fitment lookup, you may have fewer sales and more returns, jeopardizing your reputation.

With Vehicle Fitment Lookup On eBay Listing

Vehicle fitment lookup will increase sales and trust. In addition, it will generate better reviews and fewer returns.

Vehicle Fitment Lookup for eBay Motors

The PCFitment can enable vehicle fitment lookup on all your eBay listings with only one click. In addition, PCFitment will automatically validate your fitment data when a new AutoCare database releases every month.

PCFitment For eBay Motors

PCFitment will enable vehicle fitment lookup, which means the year, make, model, and engine filter dropdowns on all your eBay listings.

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