With A+ Content & Brand Story Increase Sales By 28% to 32%

In this competitive era of branding, it’s important to tell a compelling brand story.

Amazon A+ content is an effective tool that assists global sellers in optimizing their product listings to increase views and sales. It helps sellers to share their brand’s story with features of enhanced image and video content.

Amazon A+ content allows sellers to tell brand stories on product descriptions that can capture the attention of potential buyers. With Amazon A+ content, you will benefit from showcasing your products effectively using well-written descriptions, videos, and images.

Adding A+ content to product detail pages can help increase sales by an average of 28% to 30%. Currently, the ​​A+ Content is free for Amazon brand registered sellers. It helps you dive into features with technical specs, comparative product info, and additional rich content which includes images, videos, or product setup.

Amazon A+ content is a great tool to maximize the conversion rate of your product. If you are a brand-registered seller, take advantage of A+ content to grow your business manifold.

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