ACES and its significance

What is ACES and its significance

What is ACES?

The ACES (Aftermarket Catalog exchange standard) is the data standard for the managing and communicating of product fitment data. ACES categorizes parts according to their application data like the year, make, and model. With ACES it is easier for customers to find the right fitment data.

ACES allows businesses to sell their components through an online store where they keep track of and exchange part numbers and fitment data among subscribers. ACES data standard is used by major online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Why is ACES required?

Those who are trading automotive parts online or offline product(s) require a Year, Make, and Model lookup in order to find it in a catalog or web lookup. There was no standard, so everything was mashed up, AAIA made the standard ACES file, which is accepted by all automobile trading and channel partners. Nowadays, everything in fitment sharing becomes very easy because all sellers are following the same standard.

How you can manage ACES?

ACES fitment data is an essential part of the automotive aftermarket industry. ACES is used to sell products on online retail platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more.

Manually managing fitment data or Do it Yourself (DIY)

If you have knowledge about fitment, you can Do It Yourself. Manual fitment is when retailers enter fitment themselves into their catalogs. It is a time-consuming process as you will need to create and maintain an inventory of all products that you sell and associate each product with ACES fitment data.

Instead, you can use a software tool to manage ACES fitment data.

Electronic ACES Fitment Data Management or Do It for Me (DIFM)

There are a number of software tools in the market that can automate the process of ACES fitment data management but PCFitment’s easy-to-use fitment lookup tool helps provide customers with the product catalog information they need.

It will allow suppliers to export flat files in a variety of formats, including Excel spreadsheets, utilizing supplier ACES XML files as the source documents.

If you don’t have fitment data, PCFitment is here to help. You will have to provide us with your product details, Part Number, or any cross-references you have. We will give you fitments for your parts. Upload the same into your PCFitment account. From PCFitment, you can upload it on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Later you can download fitment data from PCFitment in Excel and ACES XML format too.

Whether you are new to fitment data or looking for help with your fitment data, PCFitment is happy to help.