Tips for increasing traffic to your eBay parts & Accessories

Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your eBay Parts & Accessories

eBay Motors is a potential marketplace for automotive vendors to capture the customer base for their automotive parts and accessories. We have compiled a list of actions sellers can ensure they are competitive.

* Use Fitment
For parts and accessories, fitment has become important. Every automotive seller makes sure that they have fitment on a maximum number of listings they sell require it. Buyers using the year/make/model part finder on eBay are accessing the fitment information tied to listing.

* Use Great Titles
Descriptive titles are a key component of the data that sells parts and accessories. You have altogether 80 characters on eBay with which you have to work. You can include some user-friendly, non-technical keywords to help sell your items.

* Price Competitively
Price is not the only item to compete. When you are selling items that are sold widely by others, only volume is going to bring revenue. You shall have to pair low-margin items with high-margin items that can help you avoid running afoul and make a reliable profit.

* Handle your business
Be prompt in answering your customers’ and prospective buyer’s questions and watch your feedback soar. A positive reply is a boon to a successful seller and outside of aiding your items in search, you can build a solid base of repeat customers.

The sellers that master the above tips will establish a solid foundation on which their business is built and the competitors need to surmount it before they begin to compete.

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