submit vehicle fitment on eBay

Submit vehicle fitment on eBay with PCFitment

If you are in the auto parts business world and want to sell goods on eBay, you must use eBay’s part compatibility listings that will help you find the right parts for your vehicles. There are many types of models and variants available in the automotive aftermarket and sometimes it becomes tricky to find the exact match that will fit perfectly. But you can increase your auto parts listings with quality fitment and find your perfect fit.

Before we move on with eBay parts listings, let’s first discuss in brief about the fitment data.

What is Fitment data?

The fitment data information helps automotive merchants purchase parts that exactly fit their vehicles. Vehicle fitment data includes information like year, make, model, and details like engine size and trim level. As per the Auto Care Association, businesses and consumers of the automotive industry need to have accurate fitment data. Well, fitment data is complex and very challenging to manage. In such a case, you will require an accurate fitment tool like PCFitment, to help you manage this vast source of resources.

What is the need for adding fitment to your listings?

Fitment information helps buyers find the correct items for their vehicles.

It saves time

Get a boost in search results

Less returns

Now, how does eBay compatibility help buyers find what they want?

eBay product catalog is a great way for sellers of auto parts and accessories to upload fitment data. The eBay compatibility tool helps automotive merchants to know if a certain part will fit on a specific make and model of a vehicle. With eBay Parts compatibility listings, customers can order a part that fits into their vehicle by applying a fitment search on your eBay listing. It will also help in reducing returns and boosting your sales.

Let’s have a look at how the eBay fitment look in the below image:

What’s the best way to upload fitment on eBay?

Well, PCFitment’s eBay Integration tool holds extreme importance as it is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps businesses in the automotive aftermarket industry to meet the fitment complexities. Our lookup tool automates the process of transforming ACES data (for Amazon) to eBay Fitment data or eBay Fitment data to ACES format. PCFitment’s fitment tool allows you to update multiple listings at once so you can save even more time. You can see up to a 30% increase in sales after uploading the fitment on eBay. For more details visit our website or email us your queries at Stay tuned and updated with innovations from PCFitment!