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How to Increase Sales on eBay

Are you an eBay seller looking to increase your sales? Whether you are new to listing or an experienced seller, it’s important to stay up to date on the best strategies for boosting your eBay sales.

List New Items Regularly – Listing new items for sale on a regular basis can help you attract more buyers and increase your sales. Consider setting a goal to list at least one new item every day to keep your store fresh and engaging for buyers.

Invest in Paid Advertising – eBay promoted listings help you to promote your listings to a wider audience and get more visibility for your items.

Optimize your listings with keywords – Using relevant and specific keywords in your title and description can help your listings show up in search results when buyers look for specific items. You can use eBay’s keyword tool to help you find the most effective keywords.

Offer fast and free shipping – Buyers prefer fast and free shipping as it saves them money on shipping costs.

Manage Negative Reviews – If you receive negative reviews, try to resolve the issue with the buyer and see if they would be willing to update or remove the review.

Utilize social media – Share your listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It can help you drive more traffic to your eBay store. Several businesses see a growth in sales after implementing a social media strategy. Regular postings on Facebook and Instagram helps them make more sales.

How eBay search works?

When buyer selects the corresponding model, the search results will directly filter out products that have eBay fitment enabled and those that are suitable for this model.

When a buyer opens the product detail page, if eBay confirmed fit is enabled for your product, it will indicate that the product is a fit for this car.

Use PCFitment
PCFitment is an essential tool for auto part sellers who want to improve their buyer experience on eBay. With PCFitment, they can be rest assured that their fitment data is complete and accurate, in the right format for each marketplace. The solution automates the process of transforming eBay Fitment data to ACES format.

You can submit your fitment or ACES data to PCFitment. If you do not have fitment data, then you can send us your part number or product details, we will help you with related fitments which you can submit. You can email us at