Extended New Feature ‘amazonconfirmedfit’

PCFitment has introduced its most extraordinary and valuable tool for Amazon users, especially those in need of automotive parts. The amazonconfirmedfit feature, also known as “Automotive Part Finder,” seems like a great way to simplify the process of finding the right parts for their vehicles. By integrating this feature into their platform, Amazon is likely aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of returns due to compatibility issues. It’s a smart move to prioritize user experience and make the shopping process more convenient for their customers.

In this article, we shall discuss more on the new feature.

Here in the amazonconfirmedfit column, you can see that there are two types of icons.

Inside the column amazonconfirmedfit, Product configuration or validation system within Amazon, where a green tick indicates that your product configuration is correct and the fitment stripe is showing on the Amazon Front Page.

When the “amazonconfirmedfit” column displays a red cross, it typically indicates that there’s an error or discrepancy with the product configuration. This means that the fitment won’t be synchronized properly, and consequently, the fitment stripe won’t appear on the Amazon front page.

Let’s break down some potential reasons why a fitment stripe might not be visible:

Invalid Browser Node: The message indicates that the browser node or tag for the product should be within specific categories such as “Automotive” or “Automotive Parts & Accessories” to ensure proper syncing of part numbers and fitment information. If the browser node is not set to one of these categories, the information may not be properly displayed on the product page.

Invalid Category: You need to ensure that the category for the product is set to “automotive.” This might involve going into the product settings or editing the product listing to select the correct category. Once you’ve updated the category to “automotive,” the amazonconfirmedfit feature should display as intended on the product page.

Invalid Brand: You need to ensure that the brand label in the product information section matches the PCFitment Brand associated with the PCFitment Part number. If there’s a mismatch, Amazon might throw an error message like “Your PCFitment Brand is not matched with the Amazon brand label, it should be PCFitment Brand.”

Invalid Manufacturer Part Number – If the manufacturer part number (MPN) listed in the product information section does not match the PCFitment part number, an error message is displayed.

Error Message: “Your PCFitment Part number does not match the Amazon Manufacturer Part Number label. It should be AAA instead of BBB.” Update the Manufacturer Part Number with the PCFitment Part Number.

If the product information section does not contain a Manufacturer Part Number, an error message is displayed.

Error Message: “We can’t find the Manufacturer Part Number label in the product information section.”

PCFitment provides its brand-new feature amazonconfirmedfit in the Parts list screen under the “My Parts & Fitment” menu like below. Please contact us at info@pcfitment.com, if you have any questions.